Jet Feeders are Go!

Designed for ultimate distance and accuracy - introducing the Jet Feeder.

Big River Block Claw Feeder

A brilliant feeder design for fast-flowing rivers.

River Danube Spring Feeder Fishing

In search of river Danube Barbel.

Monster Danish Rudd for Peter Hansen

Amazing rudd for Peter Hansen.

Brilliant Result for Browning Youth Team in the Commercial Fishery National

Browning Youth Team put on a great performance in the recent Commercial National.

New Big River Block Feeder

These new perfectly-sized, stainless steel, heavy cage feeders are perfect for fishing big rivers.

New Xitan Extreme Margin 9.5m Pole

Introducing the fabulous new Xitan Extreme Margin Pole

New Video now Live – Spring Pole Fishing for Carp

Join Craig Edmunds as he enjoys a brilliant days fishing for carp on the pole.

Stillwater Roach on the Feeder

Chris Wright looks at how to fish the feeder for Stillwater roach.

Sphere Beast Hooks

Incredibly sharp and strong, if big fish are your target then Sphere Beast hooks are the ones for…